Scarlett Moffatt Topless In “Beauty School Cop Outs”

Perhaps no scene in the history of television more succinctly captures the utter baseness of infidel society better than the one in the video above featuring British reality TV star Scarlett Moffatt topless on the MTV show “Beauty School Cop Outs”.

As you can see from this video, Scarlett stands topless with her disgusting saggy tit sacks dangling in the breeze while two flaming homoqueers finger each others buttholes as they make snarky (though admittedly funny) remarks about her horrible body.

If this video doesn’t convince the non-believers that Islam is humanity’s one and only hope for salvation than nothing will. For only us Muslims have the moral fortitude to save mankind from descending into the bowels of depravity by making a truly halal Scarlett Moffatt topless video in which we spray her body with acid, lapidate her with her own floppy breasts, and then lop off her head with a scimitar.

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