Victoria Justice Topless Pic

Victoria Justice Topless Pic

Teen star Victoria Justice shows off her bare chest and ripped torso in the photo above, and frankly I’m not impressed.

First off Victoria Justice’s body is greatly lacking in the pubic hair department. Pubic hair, as any Muslim can tell you, is an essential part of female sex appeal. Without it a woman starts to look disgustingly girlie.

The next problem with Victoria Justice topless is her weak pecks, which I doubt could bench over 150lbs pounds. Is there anything unsexier than a woman who can not act as a human jack when it time to change the tire on a tractor and/or cart?

Victoria Justice is doing herself no favors by exposing her hairless body and itty bitty titties. In fact she has confirmed what we long suspected, she is a useless and extremely unattractive infidel female. Allahu Akbar!

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