Celebrities Give Thanks

Celebrities Give ThanksCelebrities Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and “give thanks” for our many blessings.  We asked several of today’s hottest celebrities what they were thankful for….

Celebrities Give Thanks Britney Spears is thankful for her two wonderful children…and Roe v. Wade…in no particular order.
Celebrities Give Thanks Guy Ritchie is thankful to be over his debilitating eight-year case of dry twat.
Celebrities Give Thanks Perez Hilton is thankful for Paris Hilton, a generation of celebrity-obsessed retards, and assless chaps.
Celebrities Give Thanks Oscar the Grouch – “I’m thankful that Jim Henson is still dead.”
Celebrities Give Thanks Kirk Cameron – “I’m thankful that my role of Mike Seaver in Growing Pains allows me to spread the word of God to lost souls watching A&E at 4:00 am. I’m also thankful that so many of those lost souls have bought my book, Still Growing, in stores now.”
Celebrities Give Thanks Twilight star Robert Patterson is thankful that teenaged girls are so god damn stupid.
Celebrities Give Thanks Dr. Phil is thankful that middle aged women are so god damn stupid.
Celebrities Give Thanks Leonard Nemoy – “I’m thankful that JJ Abrams found a way to bring my only chance of working back from the dead…again.  Not even Jesus of Nazareth has topped that.” (Writer’s Commentary – “That’s my fave because I took a shot at Spock and Jesus.”)
Celebrities Give Thanks Gary Busey – “I’m thankful that the recent economic downturn hasn’t affected the quality or quantity of delicious honey produced by my ant farm.”
Celebrities Give Thanks Richard Gere is thankful that everyone forgot about “the whole gerbil thing.”  We didn’t.
Celebrities Give Thanks Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is thankful that Biggie Smalls took those potentially embarrassing rumors about bedwetting to the grave.
Celebrities Give Thanks Rosie O’Donnell is thankful to live in a culture where being an ignorant loud-mouthed muff diver gets you on television rather than stoned to death in the town square.

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