Martha Higareda Nude Scenes From “Amar te Duele”

Martha Higareda Nude Scenes From “Amar te Duele”

With the success of the Netflix series “Altered Carbon” Mexican actress Martha Higareda is starting to become a household name in the heathen United States.

Of course it should come as no surprise that before Martha got her big break on “Altered Carbon” (and after she worked the Tijuana donkey show circuit) she was a big star in Mexican movies, and she made her nude debut at 19-years-old in the video clips below from the film “Amar te Duele”.

When the Great Orange Sultan Trump said that Mexico was not sending their best he was certainly speaking the truth. For even as a teenager Martha had sickeningly saggy titties with a breast gap so large it might as well be on the United States’ porous southern border.

Yes after watching these video clips there can be no doubt that if America is ever going to be “great again” then Martha Higareda and her sloppy Mexican mammaries should be on the top of the deportation list.

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