Katherine Waterston Nude Scenes Compilation Video

The video above features a compilation of all of Katherine Waterston’s nude scenes to date.

Besides her pleasingly hairy (and no doubt musty) pubic bush burka, there is nothing even remotely interesting or attractive about Katherine Waterston’s nude body. For she is far too lanky and scrawny to pull the plow, and her hips are far too narrow to birth a litter of future jihadist babies.

Yes Katherine Waterston is an utterly useless woman. That is why it is so shocking to hear her describe in detail being owned and righteously used by a powerful Muslim man named “Micky” (which is probably short for Mikayeel) in the final scene of this video. Of course this Micky character was probably on a fermented yak’s milk bender, and when he came to his senses he not surprisingly kicked Katherine to the curb. Now Katherine tries to recapture a glimpse of the immense pleasure she experienced by talking about Micky while masturbating on the laps of limp dick infidel men.

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