Gal Gadot “Wonder Woman” Nude Scene Leaked

Gal Gadot’s nude scene from the much anticipated “Wonder Woman” movie has just been leaked online in the video above.

No doubt this “Wonder Woman” movie will feature a gratuitous amount of nudity to distract from Gal Gadot’s horrendous acting. Add to that the fact that Wonder Woman is a terrible superhero who’s only real power is that she is a whore for Superman, and it is no wonder that Gal goes completely topless and then tries to intimidate Lois Lane by flaunting her giantess body off in lingerie in front of her in this video.

Of course in real life women are no wonder, as they are all simple minded creatures who are entirely predictable. Sure every once and while they do something so incredibly stupid that us men stare at them in disbelief, but that doesn’t really count as wonder so much as befuddled amusement. So Gal Gadot can just pack up her titties, because us pious Muslims aren’t buying what she is trying to sell.

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