Emma Watson Dirty Sex From Upcoming “Harry Potter” Spin-Off

The video above appears to feature Emma Watson performing in a script reading of a graphic gang bang sex scene for the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off film “Whormione and the Slytherin Sphincter Stretching”.

Are us pious Muslims surprised that Emma would agree to revive her “Hermione Granger” character, and get her backdoor blown out in what is an obvious cash grab?… Certainly not!

For the only thing more distasteful than the way that Emma was been parading around her perky little bare boob bags as of late, is the box office returns on her films since leaving the “Harry Potter” franchise… Frankly this Hermione reboot was the only role she was going to get offered, and having her rectum get wrecked is no doubt just icing on the cake for this feminist floozie.

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