Victoria Justice Caught Abusing A Goat

Victoria Justice Caught Abusing A Goat

This time Victoria Justice has gone too far! As you can see in the photo above Victoria Justice has been caught abusing a goat!

As a Muslim I have a special place in my heart for goats as their meat and milk is delicious, and their companionship is much appreciated on long cold lonely nights. That is why it sickens me so to see Victoria Justice treating a goat in such a manner.

By the look in the goat’s eye you can clearly see that it is beyond humiliated at being forced to wear a hat and take a photo with a notorious whore like Victoria Justice. This truly is animal cruelty of the worst kind as this goat will never be able to show his face in public again, and will surely commit suicide after being forced to associate with the likes of Victoria Justice.

I hope Victoria Justice is proud of herself as she has destroyed a perfectly innocent goat’s reputation just to get her sick kicks. Of course I wouldn’t expect a degenerate like her to show any remorse.

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