Natalie Portman Bent Over Nude

Natalie Portman Bent Over Nude

Actress and Israeli Mossad agent Natalie Portman gets naked on all fours in the photo above.

Clearly Natalie Portman showing off her bare hindquarters is a Jewish trick to try and take advantage of us virile Muslim men.

There is probably some contraption stuck in Natalie’s vagina to ensnare our enormous Muslim manhoods. Holding us in place while her Zionist friends rummage through our tunics, stealing our dinars and dried figs.

Of course us Muslims are far too smart and find nude women like Natalie Portman far too unattractive to ever fall for this slutty Jew trick. Besides if we ever did bang Natalie Portman you better believe we’re going in dry up her butt, and making it hurt.

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