Miss USA Rima Fakih Is A Mossad Agent In A Bikini

Miss USA Rima Fakih Is A Mossad Agent In A Bikini

To arms my Muslim brothers! Once again the Zionist controlled West is making joke on us. This time it is through Miss USA Rima Fakih.

Just days after Rima Fakih was shown to be a total whore with pictures of her in a stripper contest appearing on the Zionist run Internet, new pictures have emerged of the new Miss USA in a bikini on what we can only assume is some Jew’s yacht.

First Rima disgraces her religion by agreeing to enter a contest in which she is poked and prodded like cattle on national television. Then it is revealed that she is nothing more that a degenerate cock jokey, with a past more stained than the sheets at a Motel 6.

Are we to believe that it is just a coincidence that the first Muslim Miss USA just so happens to also be a no good hussy who has smoked more Poles that Auschwitz? No! The only logical explanation is that she is a Mossad agent put in place to embarrass and shame the Muslim world.

Let the world be warned we will not stand by and let this lie destroy the impeccable reputation of Islam!

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