Miley Cyrus Teaches Girls How To Sit Like A Lady

Miley Cyrus Teaches Girls How To Sit Like A Lady

Miley Cyrus, her name is synonymous with class and sophistication. Now Miley is trying to pass on her natural refined qualities to her fans.

Miley released the instructional picture above, to teach young girls how to sit properly in a dress. According to Miley*

“A lot of girls out there don’t know how to sit like a lady and sh*t. Of course sitting with your legs spread eagle is the best and most comfortable way to sit, but it can draw unwelcome attention when wearing a dress… especially if you are like me and almost never wear panties. You wouldn’t believe how many stray dogs I was attracting.”

Miley Cyrus solution to this problem is as tactful and elegant as she is. As she demonstrates in the picture above she holds down the front of her dress while sitting with her legs spread wide. It is a little trick noblewomen and queens have been using for centuries.

Yes Miley Cyrus truly is the epitome of class, and if you follow her example one day you too can be a lady.

* Not really

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