Miley Cyrus Deleted Music Video Sex Scenes

Miley Cyrus Deleted Music Video Sex Scenes

Miley Cyrus is on a holy mission from Allah to accelerate the degradation of the infidel West by spreading extreme amounts of depravity.

Unfortunately the censors do not allow all of Miley’s brave and just sex acts in to the final cuts of her music videos. But do not fret for Miley Cyrus’ righteous debauchery will no longer go unappreciated, as we have compiled all of her deleted music video sex scenes in to the video below.

The first clip comes from Miley Cyrus’ music video for “Adore You”. Miley wrote this love song for the blessed Prophet, so it should come as no surprise that she can not help but masturbate while singing it.

The next clip comes from the music video for Miley’s smash hit “We Can’t Stop”. In it Miley has copious amounts of unprotected sex with strangers in an effort to convince Westerners to continue doing the same, so that they may become weak and sterile from contracting STDs (sexually transmitted dijinns).

The following scene comes from Miley’s collaboration with the rapping abid “Mike Will Made It” for the song “23”. In this deleted scene Miley Cyrus bravely sucks and f*cks black cock at a glory hole, to help glorify race mixing and thus further pollute the Western gene pool.

Finally in the last deleted scene from Miley Cyrus’ early career hit “Party In The USA”, Miley again promotes interracial sex, while at the same time showing the world that the average American’s idea of a good time is jerking off two ashy Sub-Saharan dicks on to their face.

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