Kristen Stewart Reclining In The Nude

Kristen Stewart Reclining In The Nude

Kristen Stewart shows that she is not only extremely slutty, but also extremely lazy by reclining in the nude in the photo above.

This Kristen Stewart nude pic is what happens when women are left to their own devices by being given idle time, as they are inherently immoral and corrupt.

It is important that a woman have a strict regime of chores if she is to be saved from her innate wickedness. You better believe that Kristen would have neither the time or the inclination to lay about naked if she were a Muslim’s property.

Yes if Kristen were Muslim she would be far too busy living a chaste life involving skinning mules, digging wells, plowing the fields, and then hurrying home to prepare the evening hummus and smoked goat’s meat to take part in any form of nude sluttery.

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