Kanye West Calls For An End To Egypt Riot On Twitter

Kanye West Calls For An End To Egypt Riot On Twitter

Outspoken hip-hop star Kanye West took to his Twitter today to call for an end to the rioting in Egypt that has paralyzed the country and drawn the worldwide attention.

Kanye West allegedly posted the above controversial tweet, which appears to be siding with the Egyptian government against the people, but it has since been removed from his Twitter feed. In the tweet Kanye West calls for an end to the rioting, and suggests Egyptians just go home, listen to his music, and relax.

A hip-hop star siding with authority is not surprising to Dr Marcus Jenkins professor of Hip-Hop studies at Harvard university, “Today’s hip-hop stars are not like your older brothers. They are all about respecting authority, paying taxes, and being all around good citizens and consumers.”

No word yet if Kanye’s plea is being heard in Egypt, but it is doubtful since the Egyptian government shut down the countries Internet access early Friday.

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