Justin Bieber Sexy Shirtless Pic

Justin Bieber Sexy Shirtless Pic

Taut nubile teen superstar Justin Bieber is fast becoming a pedophile icon, and the shirtless picture above should cement his legacy.

Notice how Justin flaunts his underdeveloped body to arose the attention of sex-craved degenerate men every where. He even has his tiny boy panties playfully poking up from his pants as if to say “Come and get me big boy”.

Of course this isn’t the first time Justin Bieber has posed provocatively for his considerable pederast fan base. Who can forget this classic picture of Justin Bieber in his panties and short tank top teasing and tantalizing his grown male fans.

If Justin Bieber keeps this up he is going to be a shoo-in to win the coveted NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) “Boy of the Year” award for 2011. Good luck Justin we are routing for you!

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