Cardi B And Offset Sex Tape Video

Top female rapper Cardi B gets drilled from behind by her rapper boyfriend Offset (of the Migos) on Instagram Live in the sex tape video above.

In the infidel West banging a worn out whore like Cardi B is often described as “throwing a hot dog down a hallway”. However, according to numerous sources who have been up inside Cardi B they say that the sensation is more akin to “trying to hump a truck tire in a swimming pool”. This certainly appears to be true as this Offset guys tries in vain to produce some semblance of friction in Cardi’s gaping cock cave.

Truly this Cardi B and Offset sex tape video is an extremely proud moment for the black community, and a high point for their musical culture. For this is certainly a historic event as both Cardi B and Offset have multiple Grammy nominations this year… So this is essentially the equivalent of getting to see James Brown fist Aretha Franklin’s big fat booty hole back in Motown in the 1960’s.

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