Betty Gilpin Nude Scenes From “Nurse Jackie”

The video above features all of Betty Gilpin’s nude scenes from the TV series “Nurse Jackie”.

It is no wonder that the US healthcare system is in such disarray, for with big tittied whore nurses like Betty Gilpin running around hospitals infecting patients with lecherous djinns how is anyone expected to recover?

Betty Gilpin Nude Scenes From “Nurse Jackie”

Luckily for Betty Gilpin us powerful Muslims are always in perfect health, for if she showed up at our bedside with her boobs hanging out like this we’d lapidate her with our ice chips or perhaps even strangle her with our IV line.

It is a scientific fact that sinful female nudity is the cause of all disease and decay in this world. The fact that barbaric Western medicine still has not figured this out speaks volumes about the feeble minds of their so-called doctors. For the infidels would be much healthier if instead of sucking down useless antibiotics they simply picked up a stone and bashed degenerate floozies like Betty Gilpin over the head.

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