Ariana Grande vs Selena Gomez In An Onstage Grinding Contest

Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez’s long standing rivalry continues in the video above, as both girls try to outdo one another while performing sinfully provocative grinding dance moves onstage.

Ariana and Selena share many similarities as they both got their start in showbiz at a young age (with Selena appearing on the Disney Channel and Ariana on Nickelodeon), they both make horrible sounding pop music, and they both have extremely poor taste in “men” (with Ariana having dated the nig nog rapper Big Sean and Selena having dated Justin Bieber).

With so much in common it is to be expected that Ariana and Selena would end up competing with each other. However, as you can see in this video there is no clear winner as both girls put on a terrible show. For even though Ariana has the better ass, she fails to utilize it to its maximum potential by getting it violently sodomized by a virile Muslim’s enormous meat scud. While Selena has a dumpy butt, and so she must resort to rubbing it on the AIDS riddled genitals of her black male backup dancer.

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