Ariana Grande Gets Bent Over And Spanked By Madonna

Ariana Grande gets forcibly bent over and has tight little ass spanked by Madonna while appearing onstage as a special guest at her latest concert.

As if seeing Madonna sexually assault Ariana was not bad enough, Madonna then gives Ariana a banana and encourages her to try fucking herself with it to the delight of those in attendance.

Only in the hopelessly depraved West could a nasty old crow like Madonna be applauded for fondling and talking to dirty to a girl who could easily be her granddaughter. No doubt if Madonna would have worked one of her bony arthritic geriatric fingers up into Ariana’s rectum the whole crowd would have roared their approval with an unending standing ovation. It is just sickening what passes for live entertainment in the kuffar world these days; I’ll stick to watching beheadings, lapidations, and the occasional saucy puppet show at the Riyadh market thank you very much.

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