Alison Brie’s Lingerie Scene In ‘Get Hard’

The video above features Alison Brie’s infamous lingerie scene from the film “Get Hard”.

Of course after seeing Alison’s cleavage and ass in slutty lingerie in this scene (as well as the bonus footage of her bent over showing her breast meat) it is easy to see why this movie is titled “Get Hard”, as it makes us Muslims want to get the hardest stones we can find and pelt them at Alison’s head.

No doubt after watching Alison grind her fiery loins against Will Ferrell’s crotch the depraved infidels will think that “Get Hard” stands for something completely different… More specifically they will think that it stands for what Alison Brie would be screaming at them if their limp-dicks ever got the chance to try and penetrate her eternally moist lady hole. For 98% of kuffar males are chronically impotent and could only even be characterized as “men” by the most generous of definitions.

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